My Search for Knowledge – Part 1

The purpose of the series ‘My Search for Knowledge’ is to discuss my personal journey for the answers that I’ve been searching and what I’ve experienced in my own personal awakening. The intention is to go through and be open about what has occurred and to give people the encouragement that ‘the truth is out there’ or more the case ‘the truth is inside of you’ if you wish to search for it.  If it weren’t for the very important people in my own life that helped me through this journey, I would not be where I am today.  For this, I am very grateful for.

As such… welcome to the ‘blog series’ of “My Search for Knowledge”…


The Introduction

In our efforts to find the truth and look for the meaning of life, the answers are really within ourselves and we are guided intuitively by our own higher self to find what we are looking for. When we talk about ‘within’ it is self belief, self love and intuition.  Only each individual can find the answers for themselves, whether by searching within or seeking externally to discuss with other people that have done this process in order for them to develop one’s own belief and confidence. I began my own journey searching for answers in 2005 (although, I am aware I started as a child) when I began studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses and it resulted in myself asking far more questions than getting answers. I spent a number of years studying the Bible and whilst I met some very interesting and amazing people, I also discovered that those that preach “Do not judge others” went against what they taught and really focused their friendships with those whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses as well. So for a ‘religion’ to discuss about ‘acceptance, tolerance and unconditional love for all’ to ignore their friends as they walk away remains a questionable practice.  I walked away from the Bible because the teachings didn’t feel correct and the answers I was seeking, weren’t answered. As such, I moved on with my search.

It was in 2010 that I realised I was still searching as I started having an affinity with ghosts/spirits and would even be seeing shadows in my own bedroom, it wasn’t until 2014 that I discovered that these weren’t actually ghosts and what they were.  It was late 2010 that I discovered that I was searching for spirit communication and would visit haunted buildings in order to test my own senses.  I had devices with me in order to receive communications in a ‘physical’ sense because I had not awakened to my own abilities.  This came later after a brief discussion about ghosties with a great friend which found myself searching for even more answers… This occurred in 2013/2014….

Well, a friend of mine has just told me he has a need for squid. So it’s time for me to reorganise my entire day because I too have a need for squid.


The Hoff!!!
The Hoff!!!

Disclaimer: When I discovered this photo of David Hasselhoff… I had to use it because of the laughter it brought.