Random Blurb – Crystalline Energy

Today has been a long day of research into crystal consciousness, the crystalline realm, crystal grids of reality,  crystalline energy systems and am overloaded with information.

There is so much material on the interwebs that there is a tonne of data to download and comprehend.

There has been many discussions to get me to do these workshops and my last discussion with Ascended Master Serapis Bey confirmed exactly what I needed to do. It was the piece of the puzzle that I was looking for.

So I’ve begun putting a manual together that seems to be getting bigger and bigger every moment. Collating information, channelled messages, downloaded information and writing about experiences with the crystalline frequencies of the planet.

So far so good but now I need to jump to the other side of the veil and communicate with a few other beings to see how they want this to progress.

With luck, I’ll remember the communications and not fall asleep as I have been. I’m really looking forward to this 🙂