Releasing the Old Ways – [Discussion with Amy]

It was through a channel session with my beloved Amy in the early hours of this morning where we discussed the ups and downs that we, as a human race have been experiencing. We spoke about the emotional upheavals and how it’s not the most enjoyable experience as well as the overwhelming sadness that I felt on Saturday in which I couldn’t purify myself of.

Amy: All of this is part of the larger shift that is going on in not just your life but the lives of many and it is very much an upheaval because the old ways are becoming uprooted and these can be painful and it can cause great fear and even panic in many.

If you ride out the old, new things will enter your life, bigger things, better things and this aligns you with your path.

If you do not, and many do not, they return to the old and grasp at what worked in the past but instead of it working, they are hanging on to something that no longer fits them and it is like being dragged through the mud hitting every rock you come along on the road.

I do see how both roads are difficult yet the higher road has the happier outcome, great changes, life altering changes for all of those that are awakening to them.

If isn’t to say that you should throw all of your hopes into one basket but it does mean to surrender it all and believe that things will work out and that the right opportunities will come in as they are meant to.

Steven: I’ve been seeing a lot of emotional wounds coming through. I keep pushing forward with these changes tho.

Amy: When I see your colours go dimmer around you, I know that something difficult emotionally is happening. I do not interfere with this other than to let you know that I am present. This is because guides are not meant to interfere with works in progress and I say it like that so that you know that when you get into a state of depression, upset, where you are face to face with your wounds, this is when you have the highest potential to work on change.

You can go to the heart of the issue and ask why are you appearing? What can I learn from you? What do I need to know?

Asking these questions will help you come out of the other side of what it is that you’re experiencing.

The old ways have many so many wounds that they are wounds upon wounds.

Healing methods are not encouraged and suppression is and this is the reason why when you decide to awaken, so many wounds surface and this is what you must first deal with in order to clear your path and to align with your purpose so that you can move forward onto the path of awareness.

The old patterns of thought are also another road block. Through the work that you do, you are able to clear away these road blocks in other people which will also help with raising the persons vibration so that they can see their old habits, their old ways and how their old choices no longer seem viable and that they can actually see the new road and what that feels like.

Steven: On Friday night, I felt a strong sense of sadness and I’m not sure why I felt like this.

Amy: It is the pain of the old wounds and you don’t know how to manage them. The wounds remember are coming from lifetimes and it can be overwhelming. This is when you need to try the thing with the crystals that we spoke about and you can do this to help other people.

Remember that what you are going through right now, so too are other Lightworkers and you are paving the way so that they can also awaken, so that you can know what they go through and so that together you ascend.


Having theseĀ conversations with Amy is such a wonderful thing to happen at this part of the journey as the priority is also to raise my vibration so that I am able to hear and be clear a channel for Amy. We have many group sessions involved over the coming weeks to focus on helping others that too are going through these symptoms of feeling that their world is falling apart. We are doing our flyers right now and will be having them posted shortly. We’re also going to be holding meditation nights which utilise ancient sound therapy technologies that the initial tests have been profound in the results. It was on Friday night that I experience someone saying that their flu like symptoms were clearing up as they experienced listening to the music. We’re also going to be holding group sessions on crystalline consciousness as well as group sessions to teach people how to connect to their guides so that they too can share something similar to what it is that Amy & I share.

I would also like to mention that the connection with Amy would not have been possible had it not have been with the reading that was carried out by Joy’s Readings and is highly recommended if you’re seeking assistance or guidance.