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So the past two weeks has seen a rapid decline in my own mental stability and happiness. At one stage, I considered going back to the doctors to begin a drug regime.

My own mindset has been traumatised by various things and saw an attack from the dark side. It felt like a split personality where I would be happy and then I could be attacking my best friend.

There’s a huge story here but in the end. What occurred was something that I feared most. I had a vision, got scared by it, asked for help but all I did was attack. You could say that asking for help was more emotional black mail.

The vision I had came true and I made it happen. It really hurts to know that you’ve hurt those whom you love.

Any way… There’s so much more I could write but I don’t see any reason too anymore as the belief that communication helps is merely a belief system that doesn’t work.

A number of things are related to inner child issues. Stem from the youth and we need to heal the wounds that were left behind. This video helps by teaching a mechanism to connect to the inner child and to heal it.

The Real Reason You Get Emotionally Triggered (An…: