Star Point 9 – Crystal Consciousness Workshop

Last night, I visited a venue in Applecross to work from and fell in love with the venue. I spoke about hiring the rooms and found that it’s rather cheap.

Within a night, my very first crystal workshop is essentially sold out. I may have kept it very small and down to 4 people but wanted to keep it small so that I can develop the course to a much more interesting.

It’s really not about the content of the course. Such as… This is jasper, this is what we can do with jasper.

It is about… These are how we work with the energy systems, how to access the consciousness of the crystal. How to utilise the consciousness of the crystal and feeling the group consciousness of the crystal realm.

The workshop is something very unique and it allows people to learn how to work with crystals in a completely different manner than anyone has seen before.

It is something very special and unique.
So excited and it’s happening this week . Am really looking forward to it. Better do some paperwork and content.