The Brotherhood of the Light – The ongoing research.

I’ve been doing some more search into the Brotherhood of the Light or the Order of the Melchizedek for a very good reason as I had been recently given further information into the reasons as to why I originally had come to this planet and ended up being stuck on it. It’s rather intriguing and it is only relevant to myself to understand more about why I had been enduring certain things at a specific period in time. It was connected to when I came down the planet as part of the delegation for Melchizedek and I’m trying to figure out what it all means, what does it entail and what is the relevancy of being informed of such information.

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The Brotherhood of Light

The Brotherhood of Light was the name given to me when I began to realize my channel connection. The Brothers’ original name is the ancient Order of Melchizedek. They have also been called, at different times in our history, the White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood.

In The Keys of Enoch, by J. J. Hurtak, the Brotherhood was defined as the earth’s spiritual guardians, and the hierarchy guided thus: Lord Sananda (known in life as Jeshua Ben Joseph, and later as Jesus the Christ) heads the healing legions of Brothers, and Archangel Michael heads the warrior legions. Together, they are called the Paradise Sons. The warriors cut the ties, and the healers bind the wounds. So does Spirit support us in our healing, and on our individual path to ascending gracefully into the higher realms.

The Brothers are also the scribes for Spirit, keepers of the Akashic Records. They perform diverse functions in the Divine Plan and include many levels of spiritual awareness. The Ascended Masters form the higher energetic layers of the Brotherhood, and yet they speak as We. Indeed, if All Is One, then they are all interrelated vibrational essences; any need for individual identification is a result of our dualistic views and pre-conditioned thinking. To them, we are all One, including Us!

In the beginning, they called me little Master and little Brother. When I pointed out that I was female in this life (dualistic chuckle), they gave me the gift of my Spirit name, Sara, formed from the first two and last two letters of my Higher Self’s name, Sanat Kumara. I work alone with the Brothers, and see myself as their scribe, their voice and their secretary. I hold no affiliation with any human group or organization currently teaching or representing the Melchizedek name or the White Brotherhood Priesthood.

If you would like to read further about the Brotherhood of Light, I offer here a small list of books that I found to contain a balanced and unbiased history and theory of their teachings. Many blessings to all seekers, we are all One on the path back Home.

— I Am, in All Love, Edna G. Frankel (Sara)


The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, 1973, published by The Academy for Future science, PO Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031, ISBN# 09603450-4-3

Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood by Frater Achad (Rev. George Graham Price), 1971, Revised Fourth Edition 1991, by Great Seal Press Publisher, PO Box 10771, Phoenix, AZ 85064,
ISBN# 0-926872-02-8

Melchizedek Truth Principles by Frater Achad, 1988, 10th printing 1999, Great Seal Press Publisher, ISBN# 0-92672-01-X


However, there is much much more to this Order of the Melchizedek. In fact, I also came across a book called the Urantia Book which talks about the history of the Earth, the Universe and much more. It goes into detail about what in fact is the Melchizedek. Here is an extract of the book.


The Urantia Book, Part 2, Paper 35

The Local Universe Sons of God

35:0.1 THE Sons of God previously introduced have had a Paradise origin. They are the offspring of the divine Rulers of the universal domains. Of the first Paradise order of sonship, the Creator Sons, there is in Nebadon only one, Michael, the universe father and sovereign. Of the second order of Paradise sonship, the Avonal or Magisterial Sons, Nebadon has its full quota — 1,062. And these “lesser Christs” are just as effective and all-powerful in their planetary bestowals as was the Creator and Master Son on Urantia. The third order, being of Trinity origin, do not register in a local universe, but I estimate there are in Nebadon between fifteen and twenty thousand Trinity Teacher Sons exclusive of 9,642 creature-trinitized assistants of record. These Paradise Daynals are neither magistrates nor administrators; they are superteachers.

35:0.2 The types of Sons about to be considered are of local universe origin; they are the offspring of a Paradise Creator Son in varied association with the complemental Universe Mother Spirit. The following orders of local universe sonship find mention in these narratives:

  • 1. Melchizedek Sons.
  • 2. Vorondadek Sons.
  • 3. Lanonandek Sons.
  • 4. Life Carrier Sons.

35:0.7 Triune Paradise Deity functions for the creation of three orders of sonship: the Michaels, the Avonals, and the Daynals. Dual Deity in the local universe, the Son and the Spirit, also functions in the creation of three high orders of Sons: the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, and the Lanonandeks; and having achieved this threefold expression, they collaborate with the next level of God the Sevenfold in the production of the versatile order of Life Carriers. These beings are classified with the descending Sons of God, but they are a unique and original form of universe life. Their consideration will occupy the whole of the next paper.


So I began searching for even further information in regards to the Order to discover more about my origins and came across this channelled message that discusses more about the Order


What is the Melchizedek? Who am I speaking to?

Channeled by Edna G. Frankel

A: I AM Father Melchizedek, voice for the Brotherhood. We have been best known as the Order Of Melchizedek, the White Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood Of Light. We are legions of ancient Brothers, Ascended Masters, angels, and light-bearing ascended species from different dimensions. We are the scribes for God. We are the gatherers of information, of knowledge and dare we say, of Truth. Someone has to keep records, dear one. We are in charge of the Akashic Records. We are the ones who remember All. We are the ones who teach others the concept of All. We also stand witness to others’ progress and help them when we can. We are material mechanics, spiritual surgeons that minister to human beings. We are dedicated, in this quadrant, to the evolution of humanity through the transmission of wisdom and knowledge, which becomes your truth and your power to rise above that which you see with your physical eyes.

Be cautious of the many orders using the Melchizedek name included the order from the dark side. The true Melchizedek Gestalt Order is the Emerald Order from beyond the 12th Dimension. The is the Godseed order of humanity.. most beings on planet Earth.


There is also a book that goes into detail about the Order/Brotherhood. It is titled “Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood” which was written by Frater Achad Spiritual Name of Reverend George Graham Price.

The book talks about the Order of the Melchizedek and the Ancient White Brotherhood in detail. In fact, there is so much information out there that it can be rather overwhelming because everyone is trying to understand what the order is all about.

I will continue this research later on and will talk more about this order because it has come to my attention that there is something far greater coming to this planet than what many people are speaking of. I believe that the original Masters of the Planet are returning to this planet in one form or another and the time is coming soon with the grand awakening being very near.