The Council of the Light

Last night after having dinner with the family. I felt that there were beings that wanted to communicate again. Asked them who they were and the response was “Ambassador of the Light” and “Council of the Light”.

The purpose of the session last night was to get used to the channelling of information and stepping aside. I’ve not done trance channelling as I’m fully aware and am consciously interacting with the process. The information is very strong and I’m able to see lots of information about the past. It seems that I’m able to access ancient archives relating to ancient history.

One of the tasks I’ll be doing through time is to bring forward ancient lemurian information. As well as many other ancient information.

Last night, we went through ancient Egypt and the embalming rooms. Looking through time and finding various things. Looking at records and all up, learning what to look for. I’m sure the trance stuff will come soon enough but the conscious mind needs to be aware of the process.

I also seem to type faster than I talk. So is easier to write information… Random.
So the council of the light spoke for a long time. Required lots of water to replenish myself and we stayed connected throughout the night. There was a lot of lessons last night and seeing things differently.

The past few weeks has seen a huge evolution and growth. Letting go of pain and false beliefs. Discovering things and seeing people for who they really are. Looking into their soul and my sense of knowing has gotten stronger. I am able to detect things and the level of healing has changed significantly.

There’s much more work to be done and a lot of information to bring forward. More training with the higher realms to be carried out as well.

I will admit that the biggest relief was to be freed from the contract from the greys. Life began after that… Whilst there is still sadness and trauma over the torture, manipulation and the way things ended with the best friend. The life has changed, paths have changed and everyone that was in my life has since left. This allowed me to discover what was in my system and get it changed and to bring in a much better life which will slowly happen over time.

All in all, it was an eventful night…