The feeling of Isolation


One of the toughest things to do in life is to be able to talk to people that really understands what it is that one is enduring. In fact, when you do find someone, you don’t even want to truly open up and discuss things because there is that feeling of not wanting to cross a specific boundary or be classified as “dumping” on to the person that you call friends because you’re worried that if you say too much it’ll impact on the friendship.

Then the feeling of Isolation creeps in. Yet, what it is that is upsetting you so much and getting to you is something that you know for sure a qualified psychologist may not even comprehend because of the complexities that the situation involves. Not because it deals with that of the human mind but dealing with issues at a soul level. That if you even attempt to discuss the situation that you’ll be treated as if you’re some sort of crazy nut job and everyone will look at you funny.

In relation to something that I’m enduring, I’ve attempted the conversation with trained psychology experts and the session was so remarkable that they asked if I really needed to have a second appointment because I already knew the concepts. Yet, the concepts of dealing with the human related issues appears to be more easier to cope with than soul related issues.

So who do you turn too for guidance? How do you cope with the heart aching, soul screaming situation. Where everything just seems like it’s coming to the surface. Past life after past life after past life. That it gets to the point that you’ve given up on looking at the past life, it’s a matter of releasing the energies and the emotions that go with it.

Then on top of that, you add the soul related feelings. You can feel something that is so strong within and trying to deny it, trying to escape it, trying to avoid it and all that can be done is live with it and try to manage as best as you can. It’s such a painful experience to endure, all one can ultimately do is surrender and get through it…. One moment at a time. It’s challenging and then to make things difficult, trying to make the right choice.

From the human mind, it is as simple as going 1+1 but when looking into the heart and the soul. That’s when things get difficult…

However, whom do you talk too about these things because are there people that really understands what is happening to you, especially in this situation. Well, I for one, am always available for people to talk too about this sort of stuff because it’s far different and having a very open mind when it comes to this sort of stuff. I’m more than happy to allow people to just talk as talking about it makes a world of difference. Especially when that feeling of “Can I go home now?”  creeps into the mind. This is the moment when one needs to be inspired more so than anything.

However, I’ve developed for myself some sort of coping mechanism. You can choose to adapt it in anyway you like. It is still a work in progress but the biggest thing that has helped is to create a journal.

I use something like Google Docs, so I can write in it anywhere that I need to write. I address it to my guide or you can address it to yourself. After all, you are your own best friend. Especially when feelings of complete isolation are deep within and you can’t talk to anyone.

With this journal, I document everything that I’m feeling. Everything that I want to talk about, every emotion is explored. I then also write about what it is that I’ve achieved. Whether it’s applying for jobs, what you’ve learned or something small like going for a walk. It is beneficial because it shows that we can achieve things although feeling so blocked off to the world.

We also write down our to-do lists… Things we need to achieve, such as writing an email to a doctor or paying a bill. It will bring in that sense of achievement because we’ll look at it and go… My gosh, I’ve achieved so much! By doing this, it brings in a feeling of self achievement, self love and being able to hold your head high with a feeling of being proud.

In this journal, write once a day at least,twice a day or even as many times a day. You need to write the thoughts and feelings because only you know how you truly feel. What matters most to you is you. Over time, you will begin to see the major improvements and strengths that you’ve developed within.

Whilst I’m not a psychologist. I learned that I needed to deal with things on my own because it’s the only way to learn how to help heal the mind, heart & soul is by doing it to yourself. Even in the sessions that I do with people, I am there to inspire them to live their higher soul path. It is the client that helps themselves.

I thank everyone for this opportunity to explore a method that is working for me and hopefully can work for you as well.

If you are a person that feels like you need someone to talk with. We can do a conversation session and work through the issues and the energies that come up. Thank you.

Copyright 2015 –  Steven North