The Importance of Boundaries

The weekends channelling session with Joy from Joy’s Readings and myself occurred on the 25th of October 2015 with this weeks lessons of boundaries. There were a handful of experiences that I had during the week which led to this discussion with Amy and the memorable one was someone calling me and asking to perform a service that I have no experience in performing let alone was a service that I provided. Even with the thought of additional income, it was not within the scope of the services that I provide. Which was mentioned to Amy during the session and this is what she said about the topic of boundaries.

Boundaries are very important and when you are wanting to establish a business, there is a tendency (especially for light-workers) to want to say yes to everything. It is however, important not to say yes to everything and define what you do and what you will not do. No one can say yes to everything and is would leave you with nothing.

There’s much talk about saying ‘Yes’ to everything too but it is in this context of teaching oneself to stop the habit of saying no, to try to open up the energy and space for new things to come in, yet once you do that, sometimes you have to be discerning and set your boundaries.

Steven: So there’s both sides of the spectrum. Those whom don’t say yes and those whom don’t. That is fascinating

It is! When an individual says no all of the time, they are living in fear, contracted, afraid to move forward, wanting to stay in the same place, even if it is a bad place, at least it is familiar, many people get stuck here and yet when someone is aying yes all the time, they are giving away their energy, their life force over and over again because a lot of what they are saying yes to is manipulation. It isn’t good for them, one must find balance, they must work to maintain the balance as well. When you say yes, the universe floods you with opportunities but you must be discerning, one size does not fit all.

It can become complex because when you open yourself for new opportunities, people expect them to be tailor made but no, they come in a rough form, usually where you have to do much of the work. Like getting a crystal in its raw form and having to polish it yourself. You may find that you don’t care for this particular type of gem and would rather work on a different type. That’s what the experience is about, learning what works and what doesn’t and fine tuning your abilities, whatever it is your working through.

Steven: For those that always say ‘yes’, how do we say ‘no’ to those that manipulate. As those that have problems saying ‘no’ may not like confrontation or be strong enough to stand in their own power to not allow someone to push them to their own will?

The exercise of self love will help those who are unable to say no because you get to a point where you realise your time is valuable and if it is hurting you (as in feeling drained or stressed) you must set your boundaries and protect yourself. Make it a habit to love yourself to ask yourself what you need and if something feels all wrong, say No.

It is always a good idea to check in and make sure that the reason it feels wrong isn’t something that you are resisting because sometimes things do come in to stretch you and that growth can be fearful but it is a good type of experience overall. That will feel very different then say something where you are giving 100% to someone else and getting nothing in return. In those types of situations, you usually feel drained just at the thought of doing it, so take that as a sign that it isn’t something you should say yes too.

One thing that I have learned over the years is to rely and depend on the ‘stomach’ or ‘gut’ reactions. Amy says that the gut reactions are always right, always and to always keep your actions clean to make sure you are giving in return and that way you can draw more energy like that towards you and people that are the same. If something feels bad, then it is bad for you and vice versa. If something is excellent, then it’ll be great for you.

Working with the heart and the stomach instincts is a great way to operate as both will guide you through to the experiences that you need to do. I remember being told in a channel session that the emotions are the language of the soul and to listen to them as it’s the souls way of communication. With that in mind, I began working on integrating the emotional feelings, the stomach vibes and the heart into one and whilst it took time to develop and it is an ongoing development to integrate all senses into one. It is something that is worth while experimenting with for yourself.

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