The Liquid Crystals – City 11

Whilst I’m working away and trying to catch up with a tonne of information and trying to write out all these applications. Gotten involved in a conversation with someone about Life Purpose, Soul Purpose, walking the higher path and ended up doing The Liquid Crystal Life Path reading.

What came up kinda blew me away because the life path had actually changed. We figured out when I did the course last year that I was actually a city 6. Which is someone that can have friendships with many people. However, that has changed over the past few months as my level of awareness has changed and working with Amy (spirit guide) to raise it even more again. So that I’m able to access all of the soul knowledge in ways that I’ve not done before.  Accessing the soul knowledge is something that I’ve done in a few past lives but not so much in this lifetime and it is this lifetime that the higher path that this is required.

So City 11… The Atlantean City called Shamballa is what it is all about and reading the things about this city is that it is actually dead accurate where I’m at in my life right now and what is actually happening as per discussions with Amy & Serapis Bey.

The Weekly Mission for City 11 as per The Liquid Crystal website.

Anchor the virtue of truth, reflect upon love filled action in life, balance the flame of Love. Open to embrace Angelic Truth, reflect upon the places of power in life, balance the flame of Power. Allow all that you now are to Harmonize into oneness instilling the blessing of Wisdom and anchor it deep into your world. Reach deep within to the Child of the Stars that you are, carry and ground the message found there into the world manifesting truthful Purpose and service. Bless the heart with the presence of the Cosmic and Planetary green rays, Heal and Blend your highest parts, you are the all Knowing presence of the supreme Creator.

and the Other possible Attainments (which is where this post is headed too)

The Middle Road. Male and Female balance. Issues concerning the creation of the world. Freedom from time and space. Time Travel. The accumulation of many lifetimes of Wisdom. Ascension. Immortal embrace. All as one. Spiritual Teaching. Rhythm and Musical Mastery. The emanation of all other cities as a united force. Ascended Master Contact and Channelling abilities.

The discussion I had with Serapis Bey via Rebecca Dawson and the teachings/conversations that I’m having with Amy is all referencing this. In fact, it is referencing it in a way that it is all happening right now. Indeed, am blown away because even the channelling abilities is happening. Still working on developing it a more workable manner and preferably not when driving cars down the freeway in peak hour traffic.

So yes… that is what is happening. I also work more during the nights when the veil is thinner so the lines of communication with the spirit realm is far more open and active. Although, I’m able to do the same work during the day, just need to raise my senses  much higher in doing a meditation in order to connect.

Things are starting to make progress in ways that I had never seen before nor even thought would happen and am really excited.

Check out The Liquid Crystals page and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line as I’m also a Liquid Crystal Practitioner.