The mask of identity


Dear ones,

We come to on this day to talk to you about identity. The identify of self. How you identify with yourselves.

Through the evolution of this one, we have seen him try to figure out WHO he is rather than identify with WHAT he is as the WHO is who you are today, in this incarnation, in this lifetime.

Many people go through a process of “who am I” which is what is called “self-discovery”. This one began this over 5 years ago when a decision was made to end the medication regime and has been a very emotional and intriguing journey.

Over the past few months, many people have been focusing on past life regression to find out who they were. This is helpful in understanding what it is that forms your being but the most important thing is, is that you are who you are today. We have seen many humans fall into the pit of saying whom they were in a past life and making the claim that is who they are. When in fact, it is what they are. It is an element of the core fibre of the being.

If we look at you today, you could be a celebrity, a doctor, a spiritual guru or many other things. If you have obtained so much in a single life. You would cherish whom you are today. Whilst the past life elements of one soul is definitely a part of the soul structure. That past life does not define whom you are today and does not have an impact on the incarnation that you’ve planned for this lifetime.

When you plan your incarnation, you pick what you want to do, what you want to achieve. If you want to explore more of your soul memories to obtain the skills of that past life, then it will be a part of that journey. All your knowledge and skills is within your soul. We call it “soul knowledge” in order to keep it simple. We can access the elements within the soul to learn more about what we are. It does depend on whether that too is part of your soul path that was chosen. You see dear ones, there is so many aspects and variables in planning what life you will live, what lessons you will learn that focusing on “who you were” doesn’t help with the process. As both Rebecca Dawson & Serapis Bey said to this one “take this information for it is only relevant now and throw it away later on”.

Yes dear ones, you’ve had many lifetimes on this planet for those that are called “old souls” but those lives do not define whom you are and we ask that you do not subscribe to any past life of “who you are” as what would you do if you discovered that you were a serial killer, a rapist or any other number of possibilities. Would you then take on that past life to form part of your identity? The answer is no, you wouldn’t.

Dear ones, We are saying that it is important to focus more on what you are at this current point in time. You are here today to do wonders in this amazing time.

For this one was trying to figure out whom he was and let it go because what he is, is much more important and whom he is, is who he is today.

We thank you for this opportunity to discuss this topic.

We are them and we are one.

© Steven North.
Date: 10 May 2015

[Personal Thoughts]

Every now and then. I have a discussion with the group of beings that are with me. Asking questions about various things in which I write down primarily for myself.

This morning, as I woke up from a lucid conversation in a dream. We were talking about identity and how through the past number of years, tried to figure out Who I Am in order to learn more about myself which I personally believe was to love myself more.

After spending years and years in a medicated mental straight jacket. Self discovery became very important. In fact the very words were… “Who am I when not medicated?” and have never looked back.

A discussion the other day with a beloved friend was about what to call these beings that walk with me. A name was created but later that day. They said to me that there is no need for a label as they want to be identified as me for they are a part of me.

Even when they come to me. They say that I know who they are but that’s not important. They do not want me to identify with a part of who I am but identify with the entirety of what I am.

Thus, this led to the discussion on past lives. Speaking recently with another friend whom has helped me to connect to my beloved guides, soul purpose, life purpose and so forth. That if we remove the linear thoughts associated with past lives. We could very well be living all of them at the same time. For time is merely an illusion. Although, I do see that it is time for coffee…

So this brings me back to the discussion on identity. Our identity as an individual is up to us to what we want to be. We can be whomever and whatever we want to be. As long as we have the intent to do so. We are the being that we are today. Not in a past life or a future life. You are you in this lifetime and that is what is most important.

As the post says… It is not WHO you need to discover, it is WHAT because the WHO is YOU.