The Meaning of Being A Light Worker

This article that we write today is aimed at bringing clarity to what the meaning of a Light Worker actually is. We’re going to be invite Joy from Joy’s Readings whom facilitated this reading with my spirit guide Amy into the clarity that is required for the term “Light Worker”.

There are many people out there that are very confused into the meaning of what an actual Light Worker. There are also some that get told by other parties stating that they are “light workers” and mistaking the term for “light being” and then there is also the ego mind trying to find a place to belong. There are also people claiming to be a light worker and they are not.

Everyone is a Light Being which is a being of light but to be a Light Worker, it means that you need that light to be birthed inside of you. So many people are asleep and they need to become attuned to their higher selves, they need someone to come along and wake them up, to bear the seed of light so that it comes forth into being.

In order to have this seed of light awakened, a light being will need to work with a Light Weaver. This is the work that Amy and I do together, we are Light Weavers. The basic meaning of Light Weaver (which Amy finds amusing) is to be the mid-wife for light workers. The Light Weaver brings the light into the person and births it into the world, weaves it into being and is a very noble role to be present at such a birthing.

If the Light Weaver isn’t present in such birthing, the interest might fade and die and it is a fragile process, the light needs to be held for a short time and then bring it into life.

For most, they feel that they have the potential to become a light worker and then there are others that are caught up in the ego. The ones that are caught up in the ego mindset and are literally being tripped by their egos into thinking that they are at a place of spirituality when they are not. Spiritual materialism, putting egoic needs before the rest and narcissism are all signs of ego and it is trying very hard to veil itself into spirituality.

This is how the ego mind operates, if a person has some sort of abilities, then they believe that they are a light worker, but no, it is not always so, for there has to be many lifetimes dedicated to this work as well as on the other side of the veil where the work has to be filled with services to others or to the planet and animals. It is essentially a soul apprenticeship.

Many souls are often confused with the term light worker and write about this sort of stuff using the human mind reference points to describe what a light worker is. As this is a catchy word of late, one that is on everyone’s tongues, it is a good time to clarify what a light worker is.

In order to provide further clarification, we are going to invite Joy from Joy’s Readings to discuss more about Light Workers in her field of work. Joy has been working in this field for more than 14 years, performing her readings and helping people with their problems. We like to call her the Love Guru as she specialises in working in the areas of the heart, involved with love and helping people improve and work on their relationships. Joy also has the beautiful ability to connect to higher dimensional beings whom come forward to help each person out if they wish to connect with them. Her readings are of the highest calibre that we’ve come across. She has introduced people to their spirit guides, she has provided readings from beings such as Father/Mother God, The Archangel Realm, Incarnated Souls on this planet and the list just goes on. Her Akashic Records readings are also of great interest as the detail involved in this readings are absolutely amazing.

Joy also has a reading that is aimed at specifically assisting Light Workers to discover their second life purpose. [Lightworker Reading – Guidance for those whom give to the world]

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Discussion about Light Workers from Joy @ Joy’s Reading

Thank you Steven for speaking so kindly of my work. Steven does extraordinary work with his Spirit Guide Amy, creating beautiful music tracks that assist in opening doors of awareness and healing. He works with Amy to introduce people to their spirit guides through one on one sessions and group workshops. His healing and clearing abilities are off the charts amazing, he can clear emotional debris that cause depression and emotional pain as well as physical pain. His knowledge of crystals and ability to program them, attune them with guides is nothing short of miraculous. He programmed a crystal with my spirit guide and I was able to have a direct link to him as never before, even with my ability to talk to guides, he enhanced it as if he brought the connection into HD. Amy has taught us both a great deal, she is a being wholly dedicated to helping incarnates realize their full potential and to align with their spirit guides in order to achieve their highest path.

In my work I meet a lot of Lightworkers, many do not know they are such. Typically a lightworker is someone who has awakened, they have some understanding of their spiritual path, and a deep desire to help others. They may not know how they will help yet but the desire is there. When someone awakens this is a turning point in their lives, many things will shift as this transformation occurs. The drive to let go of what isn’t working, careers, relationships, friendships even family is very strong. This is a time when a light weaver can be of assistance to help the emerging Lightworker navigate this occasionally murky path. Yet, the path is only murky when we are unsure, once we recognize the light within and most importantly within others then we know our way. A Lightworker struggles like anyone else with life’s challenges but the difference is that each challenge is met with curiosity and an understanding that this presents a lesson, something to further the spiritual journey. There is a deep humility in the face of such recognition, what knocks you on your feet can also help you back up when you see it as a lesson. People and circumstances come in to support us once we see things in this light, the way of the light shines brightly for those who have eyes to see.

In my readings I have learned that Lightworkers come in with two life purposes. There is the first life purpose which has a more private meaning and there is the secondary life purpose which is meant to be brought onto the world stage. For example, a Lightworker might have a primary life purpose of Caretaker and this is fulfilled by being there for family and friends, and have a secondary life purpose of Teacher. This is one that is meant to share with everyone, to teach the ways of spirit or whatever this individual may have the proclivity to teach. The exciting thing is that the two purposes generally fit together, one can teach with great care, watching over his/her students, making sure that their needs are met. In that way we extend the first purpose into the second and that synergy is what we see when we are walking our higher paths, we see it with life purposes, with life lessons and with all of our life experiences, they all compliment one another.

In determining if you are a Lightworker I suggest asking yourself what your primary reason is for waking up each day and what are your goals? How do you plan on achieving those goals? It is in these answers that you will find your intentions. That way you will know if your ego is running the show or if you are truly dedicated to helping others live a life in the light. Please know that each and every lightworker is in a process of healing from the ego mind, it takes many lifetimes to fully release the ego. Yet, when we take steps towards this, towards the light then we can say we walk the path of a lightworker. Day by day we increase our awareness and we learn. Just like anything else we must learn how to do this. It is something that anyone can achieve with will, practice and heart yet only the ones who have the merit from past lifetimes are likely to stick with it. This means that if you are interested in helping others, if the term lightworker calls something deep within you, chances are you have done this work before. Now, for those of you who have heard the call lets wake up others, gently by shining our lights, allowing all of us to wake, for each and every soul to realize this birthright, maybe all we do today is to plant seeds but let’s do that. That is the goal of a lightworker, to plants seeds, to teach, and most of all to keep learning.

Joy also has a reading that is aimed at specifically assisting Light Workers to discover their second life purpose. [Lightworker Reading – Guidance for those whom give to the world]

Is it possible to change your light worker contract?

Before we finish up this post on Lightworkers, it is possible to change a contract and Susan Ashley whom has more than 30 years of experience in the field is able to facilitate this. It was Susan that helped me begin through this journey a few years ago. The information below has been taken directly from Susan’s website.

As we move into the 5th dimension (5D) more universal truths are available to us. One of which is that we as light beings create a contract with the Earth to serve in a particular way. Whilst we remain in 3-4D realities our truth is duality. To experience duality is to experience opposition/opposites.

This for any light worker can be exhausting, constantly having to chip away at the shadow/darkness to shine our light. Coming up against opposition has made many of us exhausted, having the feeling that we can’t do this any more. We at the front line have had a journey that has taken lifetimes of constantly having to exist in a world of duality all the while knowing in our hearts “it doesn’t have to be like this”.

A light worker can be a light being co-created within a dimension or a star seed co-created on a particular planet/solar system that has chosen or been chosen to assist planet Earth and all its inhabitants to evolve and live in peace.

In the past 5 months I have been told that the light worker contract can be changed due to a shift within the universe and Gaia.

I would have people come to me for a session and be told this one can change the contract. For me this has been a very interesting journey watching as the souls I was guided to help change this contract and transformed their lives from that of constant opposition to flow. As the people and situations of opposition in their lives literally just fell away, they found a peace and surprisingly were able to ground more of their own frequency onto the planet. This was for some confronting and for others comforting.

I have waited for the time when Kassandra would tell me is right. Those of you that know how I work understand that divine timing is always involved. Some of you have been told this in your sessions and some of you not. I am only the channel for Kassandra so I can’t personally answer why you didn’t receive that information. What I do know, now the door is open for all of you that feel it’s time to let go of that contract.

Kassandra also told me this: to change such a contract requires going to a certain level of the halls of knowledge. There are a few that can do that for themselves. Do not allow the mind to delude you into thinking you have done it as it will. Releasing this in the mind is one thing, releasing it from your soul, from the Earth and the universe is another.

Kassandra, along with the Rainbow Council I have now been connected to, have guided and instructed me in this technique and I am now offering it to those that feel it’s right for them.

Creating a new contract is imperative and it’s up to you to think long and deeply about this, as it will indeed change the landscape of your experience on planet Earth.

You can choose a “Light weaver” contract. A light weaver is very good as it is the one who creates and weaves the new realities for all to enter.

You may come up with something that perfectly suits you and your journey, however changing one’s contract will not elevate you to that of master, saint or even lord, only your deeds can do that. It will not change who you are (prime creator, healer, scientist, truth speaker) or where you come from. What it will do is make the journey smoother as your enter the 5D reality leaving the fight behind you.

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