The New Earth and the changes

For a few days, my guides have wanted me to write this article and have been very adamant that it gets written. With the encounter today and a discussion of the New Earth energies, I can see that this is not a coincidence and it is time to get this post out of draft mode.

Over at Rebecca Dawson’s website is a plethora of information about the New Earth energy system, how the human energy is going to change. How the chakra system is going to change and everything you know about the human energy system will change. In fact, I’m very excited to be in a position where I can meet the person to discuss much more information into the future of the earth as I know that my own role is to bring forward a lot of ancient information and bring forward new modalities. Of course, this won’t be done today but to see this work in action really has me excited. A link to her work can be found below.

So the Earth is changing, energy systems are changing and the human field is changing. The chakras will stop spinning and will start pulsing.  Many healing modalities that we have today will become obsolete because the energy systems are lower than that of the Earth. People that focus on Chakra healing will need to revise their entire methodology of healing. My guides tell me that this is not so relevant now per say but will be relevant in a few years. They say that through time, they will bring forward new methods of healing to accommodate for the new changes.

So let’s move on to discuss the purpose of this post. It was originally going to be titled… “Healers with Ego Energy” as I’ve endured through my own life that ego energy is a disaster. The ego is called false-self and when sitting in a state of ego the healing work is not as effective. Not to mention that when in ego, the darkness can interfere with the process because one is not aware of the work they’re doing. As a vessel that has endured this path myself, it is so hard to hear that one is working with ego energy when all you do is love and believe that what you are doing comes from love.  However, if one is fully aware of energy then they will know the difference between what is pure light energy and what is ego based energy. The video by Eric Peal covers what Ego Energy looks like in his presentation video.

Red Tara (one of my guides) said to me that one must observe themselves and watch how they interact with others. Watch the thoughts about them, what are the thoughts about oneself and to spend some time reflecting on this and on the state of one’s own being and to meditate on this. This is a very valuable lesson because it teaches us more about ourself and the issues we need to heal within.

We are in such amazing times to see the change in the Earth. We are seeing the light return to the Earth, the darkness is being watch and we’re seeing our beings transform into love. The past few months have been rather interesting as I walk my own journey and spirit tell me that it I’ve not been employed for a very good reason and I can guarantee that I would not have been writing this article. Talking about the future of the Earth and channelling the beautiful pure light energy beings that I do now.

I do hope that this information see’s you well… In light & love

Rebecca Dawson’s website –