The original light code

As we divulge more into whom we are, the divinity that we are. We find that the friends around us that do not serve are leaving to make way for something more unique and aligned with the work that we will be doing over the coming months. We have started to observe a new wave of higher vibrational beings entering our lives which are fully awakened and it seems to be forming a sort of circle of all sorts of knowledge.

One of the persons we met with today was channelling the original light codes of the earth in 1999. We are in the process of realigning this vessel to reactivate the information that she used to channel. The information that I received from another friend is that it is genuine.

Everything seems to be coming together in accordance with the divine plan of things. Although, during the week, I was wishing that I could return home as I found the energy around me to dense. After getting rid of a few friendships… The energies became much lighter.

Am looking very much forward to bringing forth the information from my group of homies as it sounds like this is where the income Avenue will generate from and with the unemployment still. Am able to focus on this work that needs to be done.

A whole new energy is within me and am really looking forward to the future and being a part of this amazing experience called life.

We’re all playing a huge important role on this planet and it will be wonderful to see it the way it was designed to be. Not the way the humans run it.

Today, spending time in nature, we saw the trees communicating and created am energetic merkabah using the connections between trees. Not sure why it happened or how I knew what to do but the experience was wonderful and peaceful. Also, the elementals in the gardens telling someone to hurry up and build them the fairy home that was promised was hilarious.

Such a wonderful day.

Thank you to all whom read this information.