The path to discovery

For years on end, I’ve always been asking the question “who am I” and trying to understand more and more about myself and could never really find the answers.

It was said that the less and less ego that I have the more about myself I will discover. Well, Friday was a very big day as it was revealed to me after meeting with Serapis Bey who, well not who but what I actually am.

The information came through and explained everything. Why I’ve been struggling for so long, what happened to me in my twenties and why even today, the feeling of isolation is very strong and yet, I do not walk alone at all.
I should be excited about discovering what I am and that the future and my purpose on this planet has been revealed to me. It’s a life of amazing things that will come over the next few years. Lots of travel and teachings, meeting with scientists about specific things and so much more.

So I’m looking forward to the future and taking another step closer every day. I’ve got many channelling sessions to do and a lot to document.

It was a very big day on Friday.