The very first workshop

So I’ve had a fear of public speaking and the best way to overcome it is to get up and do it. Overcome the nerves and watched the group sessions unfold in such a unique way that it was amazing.

It was a small intimate group with everyone bringing in their crystal pieces. One person sharing stories openly that she had not shared for over 15 years and loved how we worked with the group and the group opened up to the intent of group consciousness because everyone spoke and shared their knowledge and truth.

We covered crystalline consciousness of the human body, of the earth body, we spoke of the Planetary crystalline grid and how the future of the planet is changing. That lower dimensions are no longer going to even be around for long as they will be shut down. They will be transferred to another planet in fact that will allow lower dimensions to ascend as we all deserve the opportunity to ascend at our own pace.

All in all, it was a 2 hour session talking about crystalline energy, frequencies, harmonics and was amazing. I was still on a buzz and am looking forward to so much more.

Am in the process of working on ascending my awareness and activating a level of consciousness at the moment with my guide Amy so that I’m able to access more of the soul knowledge and memory from my place of origin.

There has been so much rapid evolution right now. We’re on a mission to achieve something wonderful together and we’ve got all the support we need. The book writing will begin again tomorrow night and work, work, work. Developing a flyer for the new courses and meeting with another person whom teaches crystal consciousness to see if we can work together.

Have been given a meditation to teach people that helps with raising consciousness levels and light workers will benefit from this.

We are up to speed with the entire evolution of consciousness and really feeling happy. To find the life purpose has been amazing and wonderful.

Really looking forward to experimenting more with the channelling work very soon.

Also discovered a few past lives today. Was a Baron in one life and also found that I was a Roman philosopher and loved to talk philosophy with people. How wonderful…

Found the soul connection with my mother and she too does very similar work on the other side of the veil. That my mother is one soul that I love working with because she too is an activator and has many lives as a tibetan monk. Even this information has really changed the dynamics of the friendship with my mother and of course… I told her 😛

To find out that my mother today was my sister whom were both incarnated at the same time intrigued me. It taught me that linear thinking is not relevant.

Ahhhh life is kinda wonderful right now. So happy that I’ve found the real life path and have the support of all the higher dimensions in ways that just surprises me because it was only a few months ago that I was suffering in torment and trauma by the greys.

In fact, I’m so very grateful for how I was a puppet for the greys because once I broke free… I evolved so fast that I wouldn’t have been doing the things I’m doing now. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have learned the stuff that I did. So that was my path, to overcome and be aware of it all. Through the pain and suffering of grief and rejection have I transformed into something that I’m truly proud of and love.

For the first time in my conscious life… I truly do love myself and am in love with the work I’m doing and will be doing. The job now is to make an income from it and bring in the investors, if at all possible.

I’m aware there’s more soul work to do but it’ll be fun and loving. After all… My being is all about wholeness, unity and love.

Back to meditation 🙂
Ciao for now