The Watchers


Last Sunday, I caught up with a friend and had a great conversation about many things. During this conversation, I kept looking at a particular spot. Wasn’t sure why tho….

On Monday, I revisited that conversation and what I noticed were angels, dark entities hidden the corner and the most intriguing was the guy in a trench coat and hat. Almost identical to the image above.

I was speaking with a mentor, whom is helping me with my evolution and she said to me. “Do not be scared, it was there for me”. Fascinated was more the situation, as I used to see these a number of years ago in physicality.

My mentor told me how to communicate with this trenchcoat being and what unraveled was even more fascinating.

A lot of people around the world call these beings “hat men” and say that they’re negative beings. In fact, they are the opposite. The people that claim they are bad have fear about the unknown. This is ok tho, that is their journey. I too was scared when I first saw them as I had no idea what was going on. So it is ok.

They like to call themselves “watchmen” because what they do is watch. They are time travellers and can travel between timelines and time horizons. They watch people and particular events that occur in time, so that the higher realms can plan accordingly.

They say that in this timeline, the future isn’t written but there are so many possibilities of how it will unravel that nothing is certain. Free will plays a big part in this.

So whilst there are angelic beings doing god’s work. There is another ‘branch’ that is used to watch time. This branch is endorsed by many civilisations throughout the universe and they’re able to do this work anywhere in the universe.

During this conversation, we discussed other particular events that will occur and one of most importance is the worldly empowerment of women. It is said that this will and needs to be done.

As such, I will finish this here and say that this was my own experience with these beings. Thank you for reading.