Vibrational Groups

Yesterday was an intriguing day for me as I had been contemplating on information that came through from Amy during the week and was having a discussion with a friend about it. I also had a major headache as Amy had given a methodology in order to ascend and we did that work together on Friday night. It obviously worked!

So yesterday, sitting at the table and getting visions and Amy showing information to me. I blurt out, I just want this person to pay their bill so I can close the doors. The thoughts coming through was “debt collectors and close the door”. So asked the person when they were going to pay and got a pity story, which I had ignored but could definitely feel something energetically occurring.

An hour later, I get this message from this person claiming my energy is attacking them and is negative. Which was rather amusing to me as there I am, sitting at a table, enjoying amazing coffee and a lot of laughs which is high vibration to have this said to me.

So out of curiosity, I decided to have a look at this persons energy systems. I found a loop in their energy. The best way to explain it is that it looked like a sun flare. This loop of energy is what attacks this person. Having planted a seed about an outstanding account since March, the guilty conscience tried to lash out.

Whilst this might not be the accurate way to describe it, this is what I could see happen.

The energy at a conscience level recognised that it had a debt to pay, that it’s been ignoring it and trying to get away with it. The ego consciousness was trying to also manipulate on an energetic level in order to avoid the confrontation of paying an account.

Thus, energetically, it tried to reach out for sympathy and manipulation and was blocked. Thus through a deflection process, the energy got returned to the source thus creating a “solar flare” and resulting in an energetic attack on self.

As such, when this person was presented with the facts that it was indeed their own energy that was attacking them. Their ego resulted in denial and the doors were slammed shut.

This experience then led me into doing some research to see if there had been any research done into how people of certain vibrational frequencies come together and form a group and trying to see if what I’ve been experiencing and observing has already been documented. In other words, those that walk with a certain aspect of false self or egoic energy systems would form a group in order to support their own belief systems and we will call it the ego method of survival.

Having had been compromised by the greys and their systems intertwined into mine, it was a challenging journey to overcome the ego state of mind and again after the removal and then further repair work with Ascended Master Serapis Bey along with Amy and Archangel Michael. My journey was to ensure that this ego energy systems does not return and to always stay humble. The best method is to always be in observation and to watch ones own interactions and how others interact with oneself. In fact, it is these relationships that allow us more insight.
So whilst I’ve not seen any research into groups apart from Criminology into groups of juveniles or referred to as “at risk youths”. There has not been research involved into the psychological aspect of the ego within communities and groups of adults. As I’m sure that there is circumstantial evidence that we are able to see where people are at in their evolution or enlightenment process by analysing the people that they associate with. In fact, it is also possible to develop many theories associated with the structure of the human mind in connection with the evolution of the 5th dimensional mindset, ascension, enlightenment and how it is connected to the human experience.

We can go even further with this analysis and reference certain elements of these groups of people as an octave. The journey of ascension is to operate at a certain octave and stay at that octave. In what they call the spiritual community, there are groups that operate at a certain octave. Which is exactly the same in every community such as the medical sector, business sector, finance sector and so forth.

These groups are in existence for a specific reason in order to form a foundation for those entering these frequencies and to assist them with grounding that element of themselves into that octave and it also prepares them for the jump to the next octave to transition into the higher spectrums.

For those that are in the lead group of evolution, they too will see that they go from group to group of people and not really feel like they belong in any of these circles or octaves and the reason is because they don’t. So they continue to move on to find a place where their octave feels like it is in harmony rather than sounding out of key.

We have also experienced that when a person is of a higher octave, the lower octaves will attack to try and unbalance them. When we play a piano and there’s a note that’s not right, it will sound wrong so our ears tell us that we played the wrong note for this scale or key. This also happens on the human level on an unconscious level.

As such… We would like to leave you with an extract of an article that was published by Gary van Warmerdam on February 26th, 2013.

The article can be read at…

“Having an ego” is usually associated with arrogance and is a term used to describe someone who thinks they are better than others.  Yet this is only one part of the ego.  In fact, it is possible to have some positive self-esteem and some negative self-esteem – we are aware of these different beliefs at different times.  The negative beliefs about our self make up our negative self-esteem, while our positive thoughts comprise our positive self-esteem.  Together, the negative and positive esteem forms our ego.

Quite often, these two aspects of our personality are nearly equal in magnitude and offset each other emotionally.  A person who is very hard on themselves with their inner critic may have feelings of worthlessness.  This is a painful emotion to live with, and in order to mask the pain, they might cover it up with bravado, projecting an image of security and confidence, all the while struggling with feelings of insecurity, worthlessness and inadequacy.

Arrogance is markedly different from the confidence that doesn’t come from ego.  A person can be completely confident in their ability, skill, or self-acceptance, without letting it “go to their head” and impacting their interactions with others. And while humility may often be mistaken for shyness and insecurity, a person of true humility is fully present and at peace with themselves and their surroundings.  Confidence without arrogance, humility without insecurity, these are manners of personality that are without the self-image dynamics of the ego.

We thank you for this opportunity.

© Steven North, 2015