We are the Orion – Message: 13-Jan-2015

So, I’ve begun taking Magnesium again and I’m aware that I’m able to connect to various beings in various dimensions.  However, it has been rare that I get messages like this. The last time I had a message was around early November with visions. So I do find this very intriguing that I am now getting information like this. Thank goodness my typing skills are fast because I am able to keep up with the flow of information as it comes through. I believe that this is the first lot of communication that I will be receiving from these beings and I’m just starting to get used to the flow.

There was a conversation that I noticed about what is happening in Paris, whilst it is very sad to hear what’s going on around the world. The information began to flow… So the message that came through is below and I hope it makes sense as it was a bit of hit & miss….


Whilst we are looking at the devastation that was in Paris. It is anticipated that there will be more acts of destruction as the brotherhood of darkness fights back. The brotherhood is very strong but do not let this bother you, we are taking care of this and we need you to constantly send the love into everything and everyone. As all of us know, the battle with darkness has been won, the veil is broken, we can return home and we will be celebrating together very soon. However, there is much more work which needs to be done. We’ve all been placed in strategic places around the world and through the technologies such as your Internet, we’re able to communicate to one and then the whole of your people. It has been seen in this game of yours called “Ingress” how people from all around the world can coordinate and work together and there will be more of this type of work coming together. Against rules, society, conformity… people will work together and accept one another for the greater good.

For those that can communicate with spirit, we will be coming to you more and more to spread messages around. Have fun with us because we too like to laugh. There are those that we like to play jokes with as well. Laughter is the best way to share the high vibrational energy that we need in order to come together.

The image that you have chosen to represent this post does display how we communicate. We work together as a collective to share this information with your human vessel. We thank you for this opportunity and allowing us to connect with you.

Love will always win….

We are the Orion.