Working with Spirit Guides

[Working with Spirit Guides by Steven North & Amy]

The most important thing that every person must do is learn to connect with their spirit guide. There is a single spirit guide that the incarnate has chosen prior to incarnating whom both you and them planned your life chart. As the incarnate has forgotten when they entered the Earth realm, the guide is to help you along and ensure that you achieve what you set out to achieve. Thus ultimately, you are responsible for the way that you’ve created your life. You weave your own web.

When working with the SG’s, it is important to know how they communicate and it is very different to the way other guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other beings communicate. It is this way as the bond that you share with the spirit guide is more intimate in its nature. The incarnate and spirit guide are connected in the way that the guide and incarnate share the same experiences. If an incarnate is emotional, the guide is feeling it.

The way the SG communicates is through what is known as vibration. It is beneficial for the incarnate to understand this concept as it will help with the connection and communication flow. This vibration is felt within the body and to embrace this sensation.

As an example, Archangel Michael when channelled would stand in front of the incarnate and communicate via vibration. Your spirit guide will be connected within you rather than externally. There is a difference in the way that they communicate. The same foundation of utilising vibration but in a different manner. Unless you’re a being that is able to host what is known as walk-ins.

This is what we’ve been experiencing in the work that we’ve been doing together. That there is a significant difference in the communications with other Spirit Guides when I am channelling them to the way Amy feels when she is within the body and working with her.

There is more information coming forward on this topic soon.

Regards Steven & Amy

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