Working with the Light and a message from Metatron

Joy from Joy’s Reading & myself from Star Point 9 carry out regular channel sessions every Friday night with my spirit guide Amy. These sessions are now incorporating more beings in order to get used to channelling other spirit guides, archangels and Ascended Masters.

This weeks sessions was quick for time and we had Joy’s Spirit Guide, my Spirit Guide, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Uriel which formed our group for the morning.

Amy began discussing how she was working with the light within crystals, attuning them to certain frequencies and working with the differing vibrations whilst teaching other Spirit Guides how to work with them. This is a topic that I’m going to be writing about over at and will be working on it later on during the week. How to work with crystals to work with the light and a basic exercise on working with your spirit guide through the use of crystals and the light.

The topic that Amy spoke about this week is that of working with the light and this what she wrote through Joy.

Working with the light

What is the light? It is something that we are all connected too without interruption but as you know, many people are not aware of the light within them or within others.

Now, the light is actually something that is within, after all, we are light beings and it is never anything that can be cut off, whilst it may feel that way at times. As such, Light Workers or Light Weavers (anyone whom works with the light, healers, energy workers etc) have a job which is to help lift the veil so that the incarnate can see the light. The fact that the light has always been there and is part of them must be made known, that is how we connect them once more. Even Spirit Guides on the other side of the veil can help with this.

The other side of the coin is that they know the light is within them but they are so conditioned to not seeing it, that they don’t, they just see the fear and of course that can catch this over here rather quickly but what happens with the incarnates is so much more long and drawn out.

There is this veil and it keeps you from seeing the truth, it appears that you are cut off from the light, from everyone and this feels very bad, lonely and painful. If a Light Worker or someone in touch with their light comes along, they can shine their light for them and help them to see in the darkness temporarily but what we really want to do is to teach the person how to always see the light, how to live in the light and how to BE the light.

Rather than entering into names and titles, it is far greater to feel what a Light Worker does and feel that energy. As such, we want you to do an exercise.

  • A light worker lifts the veil, feel the energy of this;
  • A light worker teaches someone how to connect to their own light, feel the energy of this;
  • A light worker recognises the light within every single person, feel the energy of this; and finally
  • A light worker takes the light, merges with it, says “show me the way, I want to do my highest good, show me how” and trusts that that way will come in, and it will.

The purpose of the light is to purify. How does this work?

Because in the light, there is no more bullsh*t as you have in the world, it cannot stand up to the light, it’s false and you can see this plainly in sight. What you thought was so important, the slights, the problems, the upsets, the drama all falls away in the light. This is what it means to merge, you merge and become purified. Your thoughts stop racing and your body relaxes, finally, there is peace and sanity.

Through meditation you can reach this state and you should do this each day, merge with the light, to bring purification, healing and heal the mind as this is where the problem is.

The so called disconnect with the light isn’t real at all but if someone perceives it to be then it is very real for them.

When we talk about the light, what is that we are referring too? The light that we are referring to is that light that is of God/Divine energy, the source of all that is, the beginningless beginning.


Message from Archangel Metatron

There has been a great deal of movement in your being of late, a lot of static energy being released. This all has a purpose, one you may have a notion of but still one that is rather far reaching in its distinctions. You see, you have planned much of this but there is a new element that you have come up against, a resistance of some sort of the beings around you, not only you but the many of you who work to teach the light and so due to this, it creates a type of friction. We have been working to soothe this friction and allow you to continue on with your work and this upset comes from the shadow.

The shadow is always a problem yet lately it is more populated with fears and the like. We are as one trying to help you all rise above this fear to know that it is illusionary in nature and it is nothing to buy into. The great movement around you is caused by many souls churning, fearful, afraid of the future, afraid of the things they see and mostly afraid of the light within. They fear the light because they believe it is their death. It is not, merely it is a death of the ego but to many, that is death because everything the ego stands for is what they identify with. Such as materialism, power, status and longevity so that the body can continue on and on. This glorification of the body is a sign of the times, that the power, the body can have the things that it can possess, the ranks it can reach is all that matters. The light then becomes a facade, it becomes the illusion for these souls.

What does this mean to you? To those of you whom have dedicated our lives to helping others reach the light and to see through the illusion, does it mean you are out of work? No, you are needed more than ever before, these times shape the world of tomorrow, these are the times when light workers, children of the light, must come together and harmonise more than ever.

It is these times that call for staunch adherence to your morals, your dreams, your insights and your creative imaginings because it is through these avenues that we angels will help to transmit information.

We work with light workers who are asleep for the most part but if they create, we can work through them in this way, we work through light workers who are able to write, read, talk about what needs to be heard and we must do this again and again because the darkness is tempting, the times are frightening but this too shall pass.

Steven: Is there anything that we are able to do from this side of the veil to ease things for the light workers?

You must tell yourselves that this is a time of great opportunity, that you chose to come here now and that is your calling, that the way you see things is what either uplifts you or deflates you and there is no more need to feel deflated, you are one with God, how can you feel such a way?

This is your chance to attune to your highest calling to shed the ego for good and to realise the state so blissful in nature that no one can help but to see the light radiating out in you. Take up the call, be the light and spread it out into the world. This is the time right now to do so, for never have there been greater numbers and never has there been a greater need, as the forces of good/light gather, so do the forces of darkness but this is merely duality at play, a game if you choose to see it this way, do not let it disturb your mind as the light is always stronger and in it, no truths can be withheld.

Ascension, that is your goal, that is your mission, all of you whom work with the light.