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On the 7th of May 2020, Business & Website Consulting was registered as a business name within Australia. The concept behind Business & Website Consulting is to have a brand that focuses on a new business model that our owner, Steven North, is currently researching & designing.

Throughout our research into business development from the beginning of West Australian Personal Computers in 2003 to developing business plans for Steven North & Star Point 9. Travelling Australia and presenting the Sound Healing modality, Heart Activation Music to Expos, Festivals & Fairs since 2016 and there was always a concept to develop a corporate brand that would run alongside Star Point 9.

The idea behind Star Point 9 was not to just be a retail outlet for crystals, jewellery & so forth as is the roots of its origins from 2014 but to also be a publishing business. The ideas kept growing over time before it was put to the side to focus on the development of Steven North & Heart Activation Music in 2016 thanks to the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. The idea for Star Point 9 is to support talented individuals with marketing, promotions & business strategy and this has been in development over the years. However, the type of business model required and the capital investment is rather large and other sources of income needed to be created to develop such a large vision.

What I discovered through the development of Star Point 9 in 2019/2020 was that a lot of the support came from business systems, websites and came across an obstacle. How do I develop a business that is focused on Business & Website Consulting whilst the presentation of Star Point 9 is health & wellness. Is it possible to bridge the two together or do both aspects need to have their own defined branding? For example, if we look at Qantas & QantasLink, they are the same business, providing the same service (air travel) but are different, Qantas being an international airline carrier for Australia and QantasLink being regional Australia.

The business model for Star Point 9 and Business & Web Consulting also differs with Business & Web Consulting being more focused on professional & specialised services whereas Star Point 9 will be completely different with a different target market. Thus, to try and bring the two together felt quite challenging and to split the two areas apart was the practicable solution.

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Whilst Business & Website Consulting is part of the Star Point 9 family, as financial services are provided by them, it is focused on helping small businesses, sole traders to develop social media marketing techniques, websites, business systems support, internet technology services such as email & website hosting and other provisions.

Over the years, our owner Steven North has been helping his friends with building their websites (including this one) and ended up finding that people were being referred to him for providing solutions for small businesses. The next task is to research more of the business model that has been inspired and develop a business plan to go with it.

The services that Business & Website Consulting will offer is how to utilise various technologies, systems & strategies to extend your business reach and automate a lot of repetitive tasks that a business owner can be faced with, especially when starting up. We also have a relationship with Business Foundations in Fremantle where we talk about the topic of Digital Presence to new business operators under the NEIS scheme.

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Over the past year, whilst developing the Business & Web Consulting business component of Star Point 9, we worked on a number of different websites that specialise in a variety of different areas. From a law firm, a gym that wanted a members area to psychology & counselling. The key area that I’ve noticed is that every website I’ve put together has some sort of role in Health & Wellness.

The portfolio below is based on the website that we’ve put together and doesn’t include the Business Systems Support services that we also provide, such as financial systems, Shopify systems, Computer Systems, Social Media Platforms and so forth. We bring a wealth of wisdom and value to a business with our wisdom and experiences from the various jobs that have been performed over the years.

If you’d like to learn more about what we are able to assist with and how we are able to help your business, you can contact us by pressing the button below.

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