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Star Point 9 was originally founded in 2014 with the focus on Minerals & Crystals which later led to the development of the Light in Sound healing modality, Heart Activation Music. The evolution of Star Point 9 as a business took a diversion in 2016 with the focus being on the development of the sound healing therapy with the business, keynote speaker Steven North and travels around the world to present the Heart Activation Music at conferences/festivals/expos such as the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane & Melbourne, Conscious Living Expo in Perth, the Living Well in WA Festival in Perth and attending the Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco on a three month trip around the US.

With Star Point 9 having received a new business focus & direction, obtaining a grant for the NEIS programme through the incredible and amazing support from Business Foundations and their team of excellent staff, we’ve relaunched Star Point 9 with it’s focus on Health & Wellness and we’re calling this part of the business plan, Phase 1 as we develop the business into a business with solid foundations and reach into the community.

Steven North, founder of Star Point 9 is also a talented individual with skills that span across multiple field and with no advertising, has been providing business support services to small businesses in developing their websites, working with platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify. Working with the implementation of financial systems to assist with financial reporting and analysis and drawing on his own Information Technology skills that saw him in demand when working for the State Government of Western Australia. It is with these system skills that Steven North has that is being utilised to develop the future of Star Point 9 and the platform that is being developed on this very website.

The provision of business support services by Star Point 9 is done in a manner that we see it as providing services to the owner of the business as we know that running a business can be stressful, it can be tiring and most of all expensive. We aim, with this multi-faceted skillset to provide support, project management and assistance to businesses in a cost-effective manner as we understand what it is like to run a business on a very tight budget.

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Writing a business plan was not an easy feat, the original idea was to develop a business that focuses solely on the provision of websites and thanks to the relationship that I have with the trainer, we sat down and literally drew the direction and happenings that have occurred over the past three years. The advice was to focus on creating what I had just begun to create earlier this year and that is a business that is focused on the passion, which is Mental Health and being a friend.

A paragraph in the Executive Summary of the business plan reads:

The purpose of Star Point 9 is to educate people on the benefits of health & wellness and mindfulness in a professional manner. To also create communities that engage in social activities so that people no longer feel isolated, alone and on their own when going through struggles. For people to know that there are places available to meet people with and to embrace the enjoyment of life with others. The initial testing of this concept has proven to be a success with 40 people booking for a social hiking group and the montly coffee catch-ups for the entire purpose of conversations is beginning to be known throughout the community. We also have created a Social Group on Facebook to share event ideas and have heard from other organisers as to how wonderful the idea is. – This is Phase 1 of the development of Star Point 9.

The plan, which has been carefully thoughtout over the years is developing a platform for those that are endorsed by Star Point 9 to share their content and in time, develop a publishing business. With the Heart Activation Music as a record label and Steven North as the keynote speaker, systems expert and presenter. The potentiality for this can surely happen and the people that we are connected with are leading authorities in their own respective fields.

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Developing a business plan isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, although we had already achieved one three years ago with Steven North business, we had to come up with a new one, a new concept, a new business idea that differs from the Steven North position. Having a business plan for the business is pivotal and if you don’t look at the Vision of the business, if you don’t have a Goal, if you don’t have Objectives and if you don’t have a Mission Statement, how are you going to know if you’re succesful?

The Mission Statement for Star Point 9 is as follows;

Star Point 9 helps people acheive mental well-being by providing tools, resources, consulting and information. We endeavour to provide guidance relating to mindfulness through the means of seminars, workshops, social groups, online learning & conversations promoting awareness, mindfulness and enlightenment with a focus on open-minded, creative and enthusastic approach to customer service.

Whether it is in personal life or business, we need to have that component of mental well-being. As a business, we cannot be succesful without the support of others. There are the struggles of trying to figure things out on our own, who do we go speak with when needing assistance, trying to cut costs and this all occurs whether it is in business or personal lives and with this is where Star Point 9 can assist.

Creating our business communities for business owners to ask questions on how to do things, where to go, who to speak with and providing social groups for our personal lives with events such as hiking, coffee catchups with more to come. It is all aimed to help assist.

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Star Point 9 has its roots in the sales of Crystals & Minerals and this won’t be discarded at all. The Heart Activation Music utilises the light spectrum from these Crystals & Minerals and these are embedded within the sound waves and have been of great assistance to mental health. We will be adding items to the shop in the coming weeks as we focus on building more of the site. There is a fair bit of work that needs to be done to the site and there are a handful of items for sale at shop page for Steven North’s website.

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Over the years of working in State Government, Steven North discovered that the skillset he has brings great value to a business, whether it is in developing financial reports in Microsoft Excel, simplying processes, implementing financial systems, designing chart of accounts and has worked in a variety of different roles; such as Fleet Management, Insurance Management, Financial Management, Systems Administration & Implementation, Budget Management, Building Cost Allocation Models, IT Desktop Support and these are just a handful of roles that Steven North has performed.

It is through word-of-mouth advertising from friends that Steven North began working with websites across multiple platforms, one of the roles not mentioned above was involved in maintaining one of the websites for one of the Courts in Western Australia and it is with these diverse skillsets that Star Point 9 & Steven North can be of great value to your business. We also work ethically, so if there is something that we feel that we are unable to achieve, we will discuss options and project manage so that you can focus on what is more important and that is your business and not trying to solve every problem yourself.

You can reach out to Star Point 9 by telephone or drop us a message using our contact us button below.

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