Web Hosting & Domain Names

When it comes to micro & small business, web hosting, domains and email are the most important thing for a business. We need to have a professional presence; we need to look official and having a @gmail or @hotmail.com.au email address may not look professional enough to some of the big companies, whilst it can be managed, it’s not entirely the best method.

Our founder, Steven North developed Star Point 9 when working in the Western Australian State Government and became exposed to various technology trends over the years through friends, the keen interest in website development and so on. One of his friends, a software developer, encouraged Steven to study Linux, learning things such as DNS on Linux operating systems which is where the general understanding of Linux based web hosting came from and is why we’re offering these services today.

Today, Star Point 9 offers multiple types of hosting from their partners but we encourage and use ourselves Linux Hosting.

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The prices published are correct at the time of publishing. We have access to many domain extensions (.com) and the prices for different domain extensions vary.

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Our prices are cheapest when bundled over a longer period compared to a single year plan. Prices below are a 60 month plan.

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