The Elm Tree, Mackay QLD – Video Advert

The team at Star Point 9 love being creative and recently put together this video advertisement for The Elm Tree in Mackay, Queensland. The Elm Tree is a Floatation Centre that is based in Mackay and is operated by one of our friends here at Star Point 9.

The Elm Tree states that he extreme buoyancy that individuals experience when floating is like experiencing anti-gravity. This allows those with joint or muscle pain much needed relief that they cannot get otherwise. If migraines are caused by restricted blood flow, the increased blood flow experience during a floating session may alleviate migraine symptoms and possibly even prevent migraines from starting. Floating can improve athletic performance by reducing recovery time between intense workouts.

We’d also like to mention that The Elm Tree has begun trialling the use of the Heart Activation Music by Steven North in their floatation centres.

Check out the magical video we put together for them and if you’d like to know how we can help your venture. Hit us up on the contact form.

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* There was a minor edit to this video, the blue background in the text became darker so that the text could be easily seen.

If you’d like to see more videos created by Star Point 9 you can check out our YouTube channel or press the button below.

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