Heart Activation Music: New Dimensions of Consciousness

The Heart Activation Music contains light, not in the sense of energy but light in the sense of creator, a bigger heightened sense of light and tapping into this can open up new dimensions of consciousness for the listener.

It is within that light that the listener will find ascended masters of course and they are good as inroads into higher levels of consciousness.

For example, Christ Consciousness, a song can be created for this and it will give the listener a short cut into Christ, just as the Spirit Guide crystals give a shortcut to the incarnates Spirit Guide.

They, of course, would need to be receptive but if they were, they would experience that connection as if the key was handed to them.

So tapping into this can really bring in some beautiful energies to people and as Steven is able to tap into ANY ascended master and program a crystal or create a track (or even create a set) because imagine the experience if someone is listening to a song and holding the crystal meditating on as an Archangel Michael crystal or a Metatron crystal and not to mention all of the star people who feel so disconnected.

The Heart Activation Music is a shortcut and a key to new dimensions of consciousness. Are you ready?

[A Conversation with Amy North on 16 AUG 2015]

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