R U OK? (September 2019)

Today is the day that is known in Australia as R U OK?

The R U OK? Day is a national day of action that is devoted to asking people “Are you OK?” is is a day of the year to support people who might be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

Life isn’t easy and we experience all forms of challenges throughout. Whether it is in relationships, financial, career or even health (just to name a few) there is something that we’re struggling with.

Steven North from Star Point 9 developed a technology that is devoted to uplifting people who experience such hardships and fall into a deep depression. Steven himself fell into this deep depression and saw it as an opportunity to look deeper into the experience to be able to help others and relate to them when they’re going through such struggling times.

Star Point 9 has recently obtained a NEIS grant for the development of a Community based business to allow people of all sorts to come and explore some of our varieties of events. Whether it is out walking in the bush and meeting new people or attending some of our social coffee events.

Check our Events tab to see what we’ve got happening.

R U OK? with Star Point9
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