Hiking Piesse Brook with Steven North & Star Point 9

One of the things we love to do at Star Point 9 is organise social groups for people to connect with. Social Groups such as Hiking Piesse Brook and other places around Perth, catching up for a monthly coffee session on a Sunday afternoon and organising a few other things for the betterment of our overall Health & Wellness.

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When hiking in Kalamunda region in Perth, Western Australia the Rocky Pools in Piesse Brook is by far a very beautiful and incredible place to visit. I’ve trekked this quite a number of times because of the serenity and love jumping into the pools for a freezing cold dip. Walking along the trek and often met with mountain bikers on the weekend whom are riding through and that inspires me to get the bike out and go for a ride as well. Hopefully not the same type of experience as Colorado Springs where I rode directly into a rock and almost ended up in the bottom of a ravin had I not been lucky enough to stop. I learned the hard way that mountain bike riding is not about how fast you can go down the hill.

The map below shows a number of the trails that you can do in the area and I’ve not explored them all, generally we do a loop to the Rocky Pools and back again but thought I would share them.

Feel free to take a look at the photos as these are photos taken of a trek in Piesse Brook back in July of 2018 by Steven North when the water was flowing through the streams. The water does indeed dry up during our summer season, the Spring Season is incredible for the wild flowers. Make sure you join the mailing list so that we can notify you of when there are new events coming up with Star Point 9, Steven North and the social groups for 2020.


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