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Imagination is more important than knowledge
~ Albert Einstein ~

Forgone Music Artist & DJ

The Styles of Forgone

It began in 1997, the days of dial-up modems and Telnet. There was a platform known as Telecafe where Steven met a lot of people, the concept of digital networking was created.

Steven’s first alias was Stell which was named after the computer game Stellar 7 but would always receive the famous message of “Hi A/S/L?” primarily from men.

After someone had highlighted that ‘Stell’ was more of a feminine name, the name Forgone¬†was born. A name that connected with being diagnosed of ADD/ADHD and the phrase FOR my mind is GONE was birthed.

As a teenager, Steven North worked as a DJ at weddings, school socials, functions, birthday and corporate events but it wasn’t until 2010 when the alias Forgone was reborn.

Steven became a journalist for Empire of Perth magazine and held regular radio shows in Bulgaria, Germany, London, Mexico & Perth, Western Australia. He was signed to Senssual Records (Ibiza) and became an A&R for House Park Records (Italy).


As part of the music career, Steven also composed music for Luxurious Magazine whilst establishing the events business ‘Forgone Productions‘ that believes that Music & Insanity go hand in hand.

Music & Insanity go hand in hand

Forgone DJ’d at venues such as Eve Nightclub, Crown Casino, Geisha Bar, Niche Bar, Left Bank Hotel, Windsor Hotel, and a few others. This is merely a snapshot of the creative genius behind the identity of FORGONE.

It's always about the music!

Social Media & Music

Steven North was inspired to create the Forgone project to support the expression of creativity and his devotion and passion for a better way of life. Through his love for coffee, music & mental health, he created Star Pont 9, Heart Activation Music and is a keynote speaker on various topics.

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Forgone & The Backyard DJ Set

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