- It's not all about the Coffee

It’s not all about the Coffee

That’s exactly right, the entire inspiration behind FORGONE.ORG is about coffee. For many years, even in the days of Google+ networking, an identity behind Steven North & the love of coffee was created. People would share memes, jokes and even buy coffee over the years.

There was one time, when someone discovered that Steven North was having a break from drinking coffee that he decided to intervene. One day, on a weekend, he came and picked Steven up, took him into Fremantle and purchased the Aeropress coffee plunger, beans and all sorts of stuff to make sure that he was drinking coffee again. He also introduced Steven North to a store called Black Cherries Espresso to make sure that he got back on the coffee wagon.

Steven North Forgone Love for Coffee

Coffee Brings People Together

Over the years, there have been many friendships, stories and experiences shared over many cups of coffee. Coffee does really bring people together!

You can read about the background and history of Forgone in the about page but the re-branding has always been about finding a place to share stories of food, of coffee, of music and of love. Rather than the counselling/teaching side of things with the Steven North persona, a place needed to be created for pure creativity, for pure originality, for the passion of all things that brings excitement and passion into the life of Steven North.

We wanted to talk about coffee, we want to share about food, take photos and have a blog that authors a personal story of travels throughout the world. This concept and idea is to be free from the professionalism that one must have when being an author or a representative of a brand.

In a way, it is using the name ‘Forgone’ to be free from any form of identity and that it can be free to be what it wishes to be in that moment. It is about embracing the freedom of the true inner nature of oneself and expressing it.

Thus the story of Forgone is about expression, it is about freedom, it is about breaking free from the restraints of conformity and societal norms and doing what you love most, drink coffee!

With stories from places visited and memes about coffee, there will also be posts relating to the photography by Steven North. Steven North loves to travel and has been to several places around the world and he has a passion for photography, one of his dreams was to have an SLR camera (thank goodness for digital cameras) and to share photos of nature, of hikes, of travel.

Photos above taken of Piesse Brook in Kalamunda National Park by Steven North on the 7th of July 2018.

So, the Forgone experience is not JUST about coffee, it’s about stories of life, creativity, as well as the love for coffee. Are you ready to break free from societal norms and walk the Earth with open eyes, an open mind and to embrace The Insatiable Lust for Life as part of your everyday outlook on life? 

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