Bajre Da Sitta - Steven North

Bajre Da Sitta (Steven North)

Bajre Da Sitta – Steven North from Heart Activation Music.

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The song lyrics are said to be in Punjabi and a discussion on Facebook indicates that it could be in Hindi, either way, they’re catchy and you can sing along as here they are;

Bajra de sitta, Bajra de sittam ve asan tali te maroriya. Rutra jaanda maiya, rutra jaanda maiya we asa gali wich moreya. Bajre de sitta

When creating this song, I wasn’t aware that it is a famous wedding anthem and I also had no idea what the lyrics mean either. After a few searches on Google, there were some interesting results (that’s how I know it is a wedding song). This is the English translation of the lyrics.

Just like I twist a cob of millet between my palms I made my angry lover return using my charms

I began to wonder why this song is all about farming be an actual wedding anthem. In Australia, we have some very interesting songs as wedding anthems, so who knew and when I put the question out, this is the response that I got.

The Punjabi community are traditionally an agrarian community contributing hugely in agriculture to India’s economy. The entire culture, customs and songs as well as the wedding element involve references to crops, cyclical seasons, farming and the fields – Rosanne D.

So the history of the song originates from a farming community, just like Jimmy Barnes’ “Working Class Man” which is about staunch, honest people that work hard and care.

Then when staring at the English translation of the lyrics. This song is actually about the love and charm woman have. The lover of this woman is angry and as they are filled with beautiful love, strength and charm. All she needs to do is be her true self and her lover lets go of the anger, returns to himself and is the beautiful & loving man that she loves and adores.

Is it safe to say that this song is actually about the beauty of the divine feminine.


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Bajre Da Sitta - Steven North
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