DJ Forgone (Steven North) with The Cosmos (EDM DJ Session)

DJ Forgone (Steven North) with The Cosmos (EDM DJ Session)

Steven North continues with the recording of the DJ sets in the month of October and this banging Progressive House tune is fully of energy.

Embrace The Cosmos in all of its magnificence with this high vibing DJ set by DJ Forgone.

What you may not realise when listening to this set, Steven had not listened to any of the songs before, he never listened to them whilst mixing them, all he had was track names & titles.

The challenge to mix music he’d never heard before and make it sound fantastic. Well, if it wasn’t anything but, it would not have been uploaded. There is so much fun in this session.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the sounds, enjoy The Other Side Fantasy with Steven North.

This session was recorded on October 10th, 2021

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These are in no particular order either…

  1. Turn the World (Original Mix) – Max Freegrant
  2. Yarl – Denzal Park
  3. Entropy (Original Mix) – Jaytech
  4. Can You Feel It (Album Version) – Lunde Bros
  5. Symphony – Sandro Silva & Arston
  6. Ignite (Original Club Mix)- Dannic
  7. Detonate – D-wayne, Leon Bolier
  8. Vortex (Original Mix) – Blasterz
Make sure you buy these amazing songs from the artists! They’ve done epic work and being an music artist myself, the purchase goes a very long way.

The Forgone Side of Life

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