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House Music DJ Set by Forgone

Steven North, Owner of Star Point 9 & Founder of the Heart Activation Music, just so happens to be a published EDM producer and happens to also DJ as well. His EDM artist & DJ alias is Forgone which he’s been using for some time.

In this awesome DJ set, he throws done a thumping house setand what an insane set it is. In fact, this was meant to be released in the September edition but it’s sooo good that it got released on YouTube… #excitement

Steven has been DJ’ing since he was a kid and since kicking the enjoyment & passion for music into the light again in 2011, he’s since played in many venues around Perth, Western Australia as well as holding radio shows all around the world. He began with the segment titled “Empire of Perth” which after a year, turned into “The Insatiable Lust for Sound”.

Check out his releases on BeatPort through the labels such as Senssual Records, Ibiza and his recent co-creation with Lab Rat on Empire Records. Now… Enjoy this insane DJ set with Steven North.

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  1. Cotton Farm (Original Mix) – Mikel_E, Soulrack
  2. The Giver (Locked Groove Remix) – Duke Dumont
  3. Good Love Sweet Love (Shadow Child Remix) – Cari Lekebusch, Zoe Xenia
  4. Everything You Never Had (We Had It All) – Breach ft. Andreya Triana
  5. Losing Myself (Original Club Mix) – Giddy
  6. Lara (Miguel Bastid Remix) – Gesus Lpz
  7. Angry Tom (Original Mix) – DJ Lion, Vlada Asanin
  8. I Said (Original Club Mix) – Hauswerks
  9. Inner City (Original Mix) – Heavyfeet
  10. Out of Your Mind (Original Club Mix) – Hauswerks

Make sure you buy these amazing songs from the artists! They’ve done epic work and being an music artist myself, the purchase goes a very long way.

The Forgone Side of Life

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