The Impression (Forgone & Spitfire Remix)

The Impression (Forgone & Spitfire Remix)

In 2012, when the journey of Forgone began, he was working as an A&R for an Italian record label known as House Park Records and was operated by Carlo Galliani.

During this period of music exploration, speaking with many amazing & talented music producers, the artist, Andrea Toma invited Forgone to step in as a remixer.

Not feeling confident in his own music production skills, Forgone phoned his mate and invited him on to the song.

So together, they sat in his kitchen area and brewed up this beast of a song at the time. When creating the song, we wanted to created an everlasting Impression… You see what we did there?

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The Impression (Forgone & Spitfire Remix)
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